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Volunteers Seeking Employment

Good Day,

The Palouse Regional Crisis Line has a vast wealth of individuals
(Volunteers) who are in need of work.  They are dedicated, reliable,
compassionate, and genuinely interested in the positive contribution to
our community.  They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and
experiences.  Their interpersonal skills are made up of a basic
foundation that would make them an attractive addition to any work

Several of the volunteers approached me about potential employment
opportunities that would allow them to stay for the summer and/or to be
able to call the Palouse home.  These requests lead me to an
understanding and an awareness that I needed to support my volunteers in
another arena.  The solution to this dilemma was to make a general
announcement to the community, thus this posting.

It is my hope that opportunities will present themselves and allow these
valuable assets to remain in our community.  If anyone knows of
employment opportunities and are seeking individuals with the above
mentioned qualities, please contact the crisis line during regular
business hours (332-1505).

Respectfully requested,
Stephen H. Bonnar
Executive Director 

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