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What we really need are laws against erotic retardation.

Dear visionaries,

"A law intended from the outset to be selectively enforced" -- will clearly 
in the minds of some lead to tyrannical despotism.

Since one of the things we have learned in this amusing imbroglio from our 
friends on the left is that their is no erotic difference between a man's 
breasts and a woman's (where are sex ed courses when you need them?), then 
it follows, as night follows day, that we can tolerate no law that assumes 
such a distinction. Consequently, I propose that we abolish all sexual 
harassment laws that assume that it might be more likely for a man to ogle 
or comment on or get handsy with one set of them rather than the other 
kind. And I, for one, intend to set a good example for everybody by not 
even hinting which set might now be considered in open season.

I can see it now -- "Yer honor. I never thought to be harassin' anybody. I 
thought I was jest horsing around with the guys. Why I didn't even know she 
was a girl until the public defender told me!"

So visionaries, I would love to see some proposed language from you all for 
such a law. But because few appear to be on the payroll of that autocratic 
Boss Consistency, I am not holding my breath.

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