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RE: Where's the "pointe"?

Bob et al,

The spelling of the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre is in keeping with a
convention of theater companies over the past few decades.  Theater
companies (groups of performing actors) are frequently spelled theatRE to
differentiate from the venue where the actors perform, a theatER.

It is not meant to be pretentious but to distinguish the two identically
named items. The KPAC Board in deciding the spelling of the name adopted the
spelling Centre in keeping with that convention.

Jerry L. Schutz
Executive Director
Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre

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From: Bob Hoffmann []
Sent: Saturday, April 27, 2002 1:21 PM
Subject: Re: Where's the "pointe"?

I'd like to see the spelling of the Kenworthy Centre (Sentry?) standardized
to the spelling system that most of us grew up with.  On the whole, I find
British spelling to be just a little less phonetic that American
spelling.  And I don't think more of the Kenworthy for using British
spelling--it just comes across as pretentious.

Bob Hoffmann
846 Mabelle St.
Moscow, ID  83843

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