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School Levy

   A recent article in the Lewiston Morning Tribune reported that the
Lewiston School District was responding to a drop in enrollment by cutting
their budget.  Moscow School District responded to its ongoing drop in
enrollment by adding certified staff, increasing sub days, and asking the
voters to approve a $1.1 million levy increase. Consider one example.
     The district currently pays for 4000 sub days.  That is the equivalent
of more than 4 weeks per full time certified position.  Or 11% of the time
your child spends in class is with a sub.  Cutting the sub days by 50% would
provide enough funds to pay for the Junior High Teams with funds left over
for the reserves.  Yet, we are not being asked to support 4000 sub days, we
are being threatened with the loss of the Junior High Teams.  Why?  Is it
because sub days don't pass levies?  We are also being threatened with an
increase in class sizes, yet football will go on.  Is football more
than class sizes?  Look around your neighborhood and know that behind every
"vote yes for kids" sign is someone who supports sub days over JH teams and
over class sizes.
     After many questions and information from the district, I am firmly
convinced that there is more than enough funds in the current budget to
support the district in a way that is first, educationally sound and second,
fiscally responsible.  All that is required is for the district to properly
allocate its resources and consider the education of students as the number
one priority.
     Whatever your views, please vote on April 23rd.

John Danahy
2341 Henry CT
Moscow, ID  83843

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