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Re: School Levy


I'm not sure what you are suggesting here.  Instead of having subs, should 
the students be untaught and unsupervised?


At 12:35 PM 4/13/2002 -0700, John Danahy wrote:
>    A recent article in the Lewiston Morning Tribune reported that the
>Lewiston School District was responding to a drop in enrollment by cutting
>their budget.  Moscow School District responded to its ongoing drop in
>enrollment by adding certified staff, increasing sub days, and asking the
>voters to approve a $1.1 million levy increase. Consider one example.
>      The district currently pays for 4000 sub days.  That is the equivalent
>of more than 4 weeks per full time certified position.  Or 11% of the time
>your child spends in class is with a sub.  Cutting the sub days by 50% would
>provide enough funds to pay for the Junior High Teams with funds left over
>for the reserves.  Yet, we are not being asked to support 4000 sub days, we
>are being threatened with the loss of the Junior High Teams.  Why?  Is it
>because sub days don't pass levies?  We are also being threatened with an
>increase in class sizes, yet football will go on.  Is football more
>than class sizes?  Look around your neighborhood and know that behind every
>"vote yes for kids" sign is someone who supports sub days over JH teams and
>over class sizes.
>      After many questions and information from the district, I am firmly
>convinced that there is more than enough funds in the current budget to
>support the district in a way that is first, educationally sound and second,
>fiscally responsible.  All that is required is for the district to properly
>allocate its resources and consider the education of students as the number
>one priority.
>      Whatever your views, please vote on April 23rd.
>John Danahy
>2341 Henry CT
>Moscow, ID  83843

Bob Hoffmann
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Moscow, ID  83843

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