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WANTED: bathroom scales

The Body Image Task Force of the University of Idaho is planning a 
scale smashing April 24 10am-2pm at the Commons. We need 
bathroom scales, so if anyone has one they no longer want and is 
taking up valuable floor or cupboard space, you can donate your 
scale to a good cause. If you wish to donate a scale for the event, 
you can reply to me off list and we can make arrangements to get 
your scale.

The BITF-UI is a student organization that is dedicated to promoting 
the concept of positive body image for all people. We promote the 
right of all people to live and work free from instutionalized 
discrimination based on body shape, height, weight or physical 
appearance. We will fight looksism in all its forms, affirming that all 
people have their own unique beauty, and work to bring that 
understanding to our communities and the larger society

Thanks :-)
Jean C Evans
  "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
     Eleanor Roosevelt

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