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Re: Moscow-Pullman corridor

any idea how one long mall can be prevented and still encourage some
improvement on that road between moscow & pullman?   i agree with jack & cathy
-- we are just here waiting for other folks to decide what we will also have to

Cathy & Jack wrote:

> Yes, Bill, we do share your concerns.  Thanks for pointing this out to us
> (along with Jim Fisher's recent editorial in the Tribune).  We live on the
> wrong side of the state line to vote in Whitman County elections, but it
> would still be a good idea to write letters to the Commissioners protesting
> the effects of their proposed action.
> Jack & Cathy Porter
> >I'm surprised at the lack of interest in the very real possibility that
> >the Moscow-Pullman corridor will become a strip mall.
> >The Whitman Co. Commissioners will be making the first movements in that
> >direction soon.  they are excited by this idea, since it offers them a
> >chance to collect some sales tax money (that they don't have to share
> >with Pullman).
> >Does anyone else share these concerns?
> >1. What is now a relatively mellow drive through the Palouse would
> >become another Lewiston 21st Street string of traffic lights, fast food,
> >car dealerships, etc.  Did anyone note the recent Lewiston Tribune
> >report on the incidents of road rage on 21st Street as people are
> >overwhelmed by the stoplights, the neon, the traffic, the garishness
> >there?
> >2. The very real traffic problems associated with cars pulling off and
> >on to the highway in great numbers?
> >3 The complete change in the experience provided now by walking/biking
> >the Palouse Trail and what it would be like with all that busy-ness and
> >neon?
> >4. The question of where those businesses would get water and sewage.
> >Would they all have wells and septic systems?  Who would pay for
> >extending service from Pullman to the corridor?  Will the increase in
> >septic systems pollute Paradise Creek?
> >5. What would be the effect on existing businesses in Pullman and
> >Moscow?  Would the downtowns suffer?  The loss of tax base at Pullman
> >would likely be very significant.  What impact would that have?
> >BL
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