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Re: Moscow-Pullman corridor

Yes, Bill, we do share your concerns.  Thanks for pointing this out to us
(along with Jim Fisher's recent editorial in the Tribune).  We live on the
wrong side of the state line to vote in Whitman County elections, but it
would still be a good idea to write letters to the Commissioners protesting
the effects of their proposed action.

Jack & Cathy Porter

>I'm surprised at the lack of interest in the very real possibility that 
>the Moscow-Pullman corridor will become a strip mall.
>The Whitman Co. Commissioners will be making the first movements in that 
>direction soon.  they are excited by this idea, since it offers them a 
>chance to collect some sales tax money (that they don't have to share 
>with Pullman).
>Does anyone else share these concerns?
>1. What is now a relatively mellow drive through the Palouse would 
>become another Lewiston 21st Street string of traffic lights, fast food, 
>car dealerships, etc.  Did anyone note the recent Lewiston Tribune 
>report on the incidents of road rage on 21st Street as people are 
>overwhelmed by the stoplights, the neon, the traffic, the garishness 
>2. The very real traffic problems associated with cars pulling off and 
>on to the highway in great numbers?
>3 The complete change in the experience provided now by walking/biking 
>the Palouse Trail and what it would be like with all that busy-ness and 
>4. The question of where those businesses would get water and sewage.  
>Would they all have wells and septic systems?  Who would pay for 
>extending service from Pullman to the corridor?  Will the increase in 
>septic systems pollute Paradise Creek?
>5. What would be the effect on existing businesses in Pullman and 
>Moscow?  Would the downtowns suffer?  The loss of tax base at Pullman 
>would likely be very significant.  What impact would that have?
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