Moscow Vision 2020 is a unmoderated email list.  There is no manager to delete, control, erase, change, or purge the messages sent to this community discussion forum or its archives.  Think of Vision 2020 as the soapbox in Hyde Park.  This list is only the vehicle that facilitates this public discourse, and no person or hosting ISP is responsible for the content.

Vision 2020 Mission Statement Adopted March 1995

  1. To ensure that all parts of our community have an opportunity to take part in visualizing and planning for the community's future.

  2. To strengthen citizens' sense of community by promoting awareness, ownership and investment in Moscow's future.

  3. To foster cooperation among (and public involvement with) the agencies and organizations that plan for and make decisions about the future of Moscow and Latah County.

  4. To raise awareness on the part of citizens and public officials that:

    1. uncontrolled and unplanned growth may have negative effects.

    2. short-term decisions have long-term consequences.

  5. To inform ourselves about growth and development issues.

  6. To have fun thinking critically and creatively.


  1. Promoting community dialogue on planning and growth issues through such diverse channels of communication as a discussion list on the Internet.

  2. Increasing knowledge of community-based planning techniques through study groups, workshops and guest speakers.

  3. Providing technical expertise and volunteer assistance to community groups and local agencies interested in applying community-based planning, such as the Latah County Planning and Zoning Commissions and the Shared Facilities Task Force.

  4. Involving the community, especially young people, in planning through such activities as tours, contests, simulation games and exhibits.

  5. Recruiting volunteers to monitor and report on meetings of public agencies as a way of increasing public knowledge of the decision-making process.
Vision 2020 has no bylaws, budget or membership requirements. Its activities are coordinated by a three-member steering committee chosen annually by consensus.
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