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the levy

I hope he was misquoted. Maybe not. In this mornings LMT Dr. Fiske was 
quoted as saying he felt the district could interpet the passage of the 
levy as an indication from voters that they(the district) had made the 
changes that needed to be made. That is NOT what I wanted the School Board, 
administrators, or teachers to hear from this election. I believe Moscow 
School District has LOTS of room for improvement. There is excellence in 
the system but there is also complacency and fear. Let's do better. I am 
saddened that this discussion about improvements has been polarizing and 
painful. Is expecting improvement or change so threatening? I hear people I 
respect speaking unkindly of others behind their backs and not listening. 
Is this what we want to teach our children? I want my children to learn to 
listen to the people around them, to make informed and compassionate 
decisions. I want the people dealing with my children to have the courage 
to share their excellence, model their best and not shirk that 
responsibility of expecting the same from others.
Too much to ask for the pay?
I hope we aren't teaching our children that we only do our best for six 
figures or stock options.
      Dan Schmidt    267 Circle Dr.  Moscow, ID
	H:208 8826328
	W:208 8822011

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