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Re: Any Levy news?

The levy passed!  I believe the final percentages were 64% for passage,
36% no.  Monstrous THANK YOU's!  to all of you who helped pass this levy,
either by active work on the part of it or by voting.  I was blown away by
the number of people who came out to vote, the most by a huge amount who
have ever voted in a school district election.  I'm not sure what the
exact numbers were but have heard there were around 5,000 votes cast.  I
think this shows that an enormous number of people really care about our
kids getting a good education.

I know there are many reasons why some of you didn't vote for the levy,
but I really hope that even those of you who were against this levy will
remain involved with all of these issues about the school district.  If we
all keep talking and working together, even if we have vastly different
opinions of what should be done about different aspects of our school
district, then we are surely going to be moving in better directions than
if we don't communicate and work together.

A couple of opportunities for involvement:

Tomorrow and Thursday:
April 24-25 - public meetings to interview candidates for the MSD superintendent
                       4:00-10:0pm - Junior High Multipurpose Room
                             please attend.... you'll have a chance
                             to rate the candidates.

Thursday, May 16th:
Next CQE Meeting:            7:00-8:30 pm
                             1912 Center
                             400 East Third Street
                   Meeting Agenda:
                    1. looking to the future
                    2. how can CQE facilitate public input into
                        district policies and plans
                    3. discussion of school board candidacy
                    4. other business/ suggestions/ ideas from
                        the CQE membership

I really hope this level of involvement in the school district will
continue.  I have heard many people say they are going to stay involved
now.  This has to be a good thing!

Mac Cantrell

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, Tim Lohrmann wrote:

> Visionaries,
>     Has anyone heard any news on the levy vote? Or is
> it too early?
>     Thanks for any info.
>              TL
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