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Tomorrow please vote yes

Dear Visionaries and CQE members,
I wanted to thank all of you for your interest, concern and work for progressive school policies in Moscow. A special thank you should go to school teachers and staff who have maintained their usual caring, professional stance as they work for our children during this difficult budgetary time.
Tomorrow we vote at the Junior High Fieldhouse to "say yes to kids," as the attractive yellow signs have trumpeted, like the waving daffodils in my garden. This has been a very positive, information-focused campaign and all of the hard workers should be commended.
Yesterday, some of us were on the phones thanking supporters for their efforts and reminding people to vote Tuesday. I can only say that it was tremendously encouraging to talk to people and get feedback that focused on the future and improved communication and policy making in the School District.
Moscow still supports its children, its teachers and its schools... we have work to do and reform is tough. After this levy effort, which I certainly hope will be a resounding "Yes!" vote, please do not go back to business as usual.
Let's make "the usual" a true outreach to the entire community and get involved in public education! It is a critical link to the future and an essential part of our democracy.
All the best,
Linda Pall

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