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The Flood of 1996

Greetings Vandals, Visionaires, and Charles -

Last night as I was browsing through a photo album of mine, I came across
some photos of the 1996 flood that took place here in Moscow.  I was in my
senior year at the University.  My wife and I were living (if you could call
it that) at Park Village Apartments on the first floor.  At the time I felt
that these photos would be instrumental in an insurance claim that I was
going to file.  Wrong.  I did not have flood insurance and consequently no
grounds for an insurance claim, although my insurance agent thought the
pictures were neat.  File that under "Lesson Learned".  You can view and
download these photos at:

Football season is slowly sneaking up on us and Vandal season tickets are
available.  The price for season tickets has risen to $102.00 each, but
worth the investment.  I am even considering going to the Bozo State game
down south the end of August.  See you all at the games.  Until then take
care, and . . .


Tom Hansen
(Idaho, Class of '96)

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.

- Author Unknown

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