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Borah Symposium: Israeli/Palestinian Conflict April 22-25

This looks like a great event.  Moscow and the U of I should be proud to 
host it.

Borah Symposium: Israeli/Palestinian Conflict April 22-25
All events in the SUB Ballroom at UI; Free to Public
 From April 22-25, top experts (including Hanan Ashrawi and Dennis Ross) on 
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will visit the UI campus and Palouse 
community for the 54h annual Borah Symposium, organized on a topic of 
international interest and the goal of the outlawry of war. The schedule 
for the week follows; please encourage your students to attend:
Apr 22, 7 pm: Peace through Israeli and Palestinian Youth. Panel members 
are from the Seeds of Peace organization, which empowers children of war to 
break the cycle of violence. Cofounder Barbara Gottschalk will be joined by 
Palestinian and Israeli graduates of the program.
Apr 23, 7 pm: Paths to Peace? Gershon Baskin of the Israel-Palestine Center 
for Research and Information will be joined by Al Rouyer of the UI 
Political Science department. Their presentation will focus on what went 
wrong from the Oslo Peace Accords to the present, and assess proposed paths 
to peace.
Apr 24, 7 pm: The Palestinian Reality. Hanan Ashrawi, Secretary General of 
the Palestinian Initiative, will be joining the symposium via live 
satellite feed from East Jerusalem. Although the current chaos in the 
region prevents her from attending in person, she has graciously agreed to 
the satellite feed, which will include a question and answer session. The 
start time may be delayed an hour to accommodate the time difference.
Apr 25, 7 pm: Third Party Mediation. Dennis Ross, director of the 
Washington Institute for Near east Policy, is the featured speaker. Ross 
served as Middle Eastern specialist for both the Clinton and elder Bush 
administrations, His involvement in the Hebron Accord, the 
Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty, and 1995 Interim Agreement between Israelis 
and Palestinians are well documented.

Bob Hoffmann
846 Mabelle St.
Moscow, ID  83843

Tel: 208 883-0642

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