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Re: School Levy

The 4000 "sub" days to which ex-trustee Danahy is referring is not an accurate representation. Moscow School District is the second largest employer in the community. The district employs many people besides classroom teachers. The administrators, clerks, secretaries, bus drivers, instructional assistants, duty aides, groundskeepers, mechanics and the list goes on, are all figured into that number. Plus, in addition to sick leave, there are leaves for training, extended illnesses, death in the family, professional development, etc....for the three to four hundred employees. Many jobs do not require substitutes when an employee is absent. You were left with the impression that classroom teachers were taking 4000 days out of instructional time and we had to pay the sub too. That would mean each teacher was gone about 22 days per year. We only get eleven leave days each year. Plus if we let then accumulate, at retirement we get health insurance benefits for unused sick leave. The 4000 days is the total number of days that everyone employed in the district was away from their post for whatever reason. Thanks for asking for clarification.....the slant was terribly misleading.

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