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GSA Statement to ASUI - April 10, 2002 (fwd)

To whom it may concern

Yesterday I had written the following email to gather support for the Gay
Straight Alliance at the ASUI Senate's meeting yesterday.  It was
suggested to me that I send it to this email so we could get it posted
online.  Obviously, it is slightly out of date, but the need for support
is still high.  For more information please contact the GSA at or you may direct questions and concerns to The Office
of Multicultural Affairs, The Office of the Special Assistant to the
President on Human Rights, or any administration official.


Daniel Kronemann

Subject: GSA Statement to ASUI - April 10, 2002

To all that are concerned

Tonight, April 10, 2002, the GSA will present a statement the Associated
Students of the University of Idaho Senate in regards to the recent theft
of our pride flag (it looked like the American flag with white stars on a
blue background with rainbow stripes instead of red and white strips).
Three people were involved, two of them using senator priviledges to enter
the ASUI office, where GSA keeps its desk, and took the flag.  They then
proceeded to try to destroy the flag by burning it, but were foiled by the
flags flame retardent nature.  The purpetrators apparently have been
identified and have confesed, yet details, such as names, action the
University is taking, have yet to be released.  The Moscow Police have
been contacted and a report filed, yet have been uncooperative in
releasing information.  A request to release a copy of the report was
denied due to the "uncompleteness" of the investigation which had begun
Monday, April 1st.  The city prosecutor has been difficult to get a hold
of at times, due to the uncooperative nature of some employees at the
station, although the prosecutor himself has been cooperative.

The Gay Straight Alliance has met with certain University Officials and
dialogue is happening.

This email is to make you aware of the situation, and to ask for
solidarity from the public.  I want to make sure that you know I'm not the
spokesperson for the GSA and don't pretend to be speaking on their behalf.
I do want to ask that those who can make it tonight at 7:00 in the
Clearwater Room of the Commons for the Senate meeting, do so to show
support of our efforts to promote tolerance on campus.  If you can not
personally make it to the Senate meeting, I ask that you spread word of
this and put the pressure on the Administration to a swift, yet thought
out response to this hate crime.  The victims of GSA should not be forced
to stand up by themselves.

Again, this email is not intended to be endorsed by the GSA but a matter
of my own opinion and conviction.

Please forward to all who might be interested in seeing more tolerance on
campus and it their lives.

This is the statement I will deliver to the ASUI Senate on behalf of the
GSA.  The GSA has voted and endorses the following statement, which I have
been elected to deliver.  The preceeding has not been endorsed by the GSA
nor voted on.



The Statement:

"The Gay Straight Alliance wishes to express outrage at the theft and
attempted destruction of our flag from our desk in the ASUI Office.  This
is a symbolic attack on the Gay Straight Alliance.

We are relying on the ASUI to identify the perpetrators and bring them to
justice.  Furthermore we ask the ASUI and the University to demonstrate
leadership in creating a respectful climate on campus.  This act of
intolerance signifies the need for wide spread discussion and education.

Most important, is a unified and immediate expression of solidarity with
the Gay Straight Alliance's sense of violation."

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