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Gay-Straight Student Alliance flag incident

Vision 2020,

I just received the following message from a member of the University of
Idaho Gay Straight Alliance and felt it should be forwarded to the list.  A
meeting addressing this issue is to be held tonight in the UI Commons.



As some of you have heard, three people entered the Idaho Common and the
ASUI, entered the office space of the Gay Straight Alliance, and took our
rainbow flag and attempted to destroy it. This happened in the middle of
the night on March 31st, more than a week ago.  The young men who did this
were given special powers and priveledges to gain access to the building,
to make decisions regarding your education, your money, your opportunities.
You may have voted for them. They are ASUI Senators.

Many people from my group and beyond my group have expressed outrage and
dismay that:  nothing has been done about it, and no one is talking about
it.  Tonight we will will attend the Open Forum. It is at 7 pm in the
Clearwater room.  If you want to see solidarity in this matter like I do,
there are a few things that you can do.  Tell your friends. Silence is
injustice  Attend the ASUI meeting/Open Forum tonight and help us by a
display of solidarity

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