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One last question--at least from Mr. Danahy

The increase in salaries and benefits attributable to "steps 
and columns" was budgeted at approximately $140,000.  
That number is probably somewhat different now with 
several staff members having taken advantage of the 
early retirment option, but it should be pretty close.

I should have also pointed out in the last posting that not 
all teachers in the district move up in pay each year.  The 
maximum number of years of service for which there is a 
"step" is 10.  After that point, the only possible increase is 
by advanced education that would move an individual to 
another "column."  The stages above the baseline BA are 
BA+10, BA+20, BA+30, MA, MA+10, MA+20, and MA+30.  
[there is no standard across Idaho district for columns.  
Most districts have 6 to 8 columns but the exact definition 
varies in achieving the columns]

I believe the majority of teachers in the district have more 
than 10 years' service.

Mike Curley

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