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Schools, Home & Family

Re:  the "49% effect of Home & Family on student performance"

Although our children's teachers do not come home with them after school, 
the quality of the educational experience provided by our school district 
clearly has direct and indirect impacts on home life.  Two examples from my 
own experience come immediately to mind:

(1)  Parenting classes
Almost nine years ago, my wife and I took an evening parenting series 
sponsored by McDonald Elementary and led by Donna Ham, one of the 
counselors.  I can honestly say it is still having a significant influence 
on our parenting.  Recently, I was reading about what the latest research 
shows in terms of parenting styles and the effect on home life and was 
pleased to see that many things we learned from the class are substantiated 
by the studies.

(2)  Jr. High Family Nights
The Jr. High puts on four Family Nights a year in which the whole family is 
invited and we typically have 100 people attend (40 parents, 40 teens and 
20 younger children).  While teens and younger kids are doing other 
activities, parents participate in a program focused on a topic usually 
related to parenting skills, such as communicating with your teen, teen 
dating, peer pressure, and teenage motivation.  The parents are guided by a 
local expert, usually a family counselor or a specialist in child 
development, and have an opportunity to network with other parents on 
issues of common concern.

These are just two ways our school system affects our community in positive 
ways that go beyond the classroom.  You can probably think of many 
more.  We are lucky to have public schools which support the whole family.

Our schools are deserving of our support.  If you agree, please demonstrate 
that support by coming out to vote on April 23.

Dave Potter

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