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Fw: Olympic Computers Available for Reuse to NPO's

Hello Visionaries,

I just recieved this notice, and am passing it along to you, with the hope
that some of our local nonprofit groups can get in on this great program!

----- Original Message -----
> Reuse Forum Participants:
> FYI, Gateway Computers is donating up to 4,500 computers that were used in
> the Winter Olympic Games to non-profit organizations. Donations will be
> sometime in April 2002, but you need to register. For more information and
> to register your group, visit
> Even if you don't work for
> non-profit, you may be aware of one that you support that could very much
> use new computers.  Please pass along to your respective networks.
> John Fabiano, President, Allentown Upper Freehold Historical Society

I checked out the link, and it says that the online registration will begin
on April 8 (this coming Monday).  Grant consideration is limited to eligible
organizations recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit
entity, with priority given to schools and community centers whose programs
help enhance access to technology for traditionally under-served

Robin Baumgartner
Latah Sanitation, Inc./Moscow Recycling

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