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Re: Three answers to questions posed to Dr. Bob West

Title: Re: Three answers to questions posed to Dr. Bob West
Dear Visionaries,

I would like to add to the discussion concerning the three important components of education: Teacher Expertise, Class Size, and Home and Family.  For those of you who don¹t know me‹Kelley Racicot‹I recently filed to run for the position of State Representative, District 6, Latah County.  In the context of the upcoming levy, I agree with Tim, Mac and others that class size and teacher expertise are important reasons to vote yes on April 23.

Adding to that, critical decisions are made at the State and local level concerning Home and Family that directly impact education.  We know that children whose most basic needs are not met are the ones most likely to fail in school.  The cutting of social services to children and families in need, such as the turning away of 1.9 federal dollars of Child Health Insurance Program money, hurts families and education.

While it is true that we voters cannot go home with every child each night to ensure a quality home environment, we can help families help themselves.  I support the 1.1 million dollar supplemental levy because I think it is what our local schools need to maintain quality education and minimize impacts due to budget shortfalls.  Beyond that, I am dedicated to addressing the Home and Family component of education in Latah County and the State of Idaho.  Positive change in our community is a long-term goal when it comes to making sure people¹s basic needs are met.  Our Legislature has immediate impact on this course and has opted for a symptomatic, rather than preventative, approach.   

I look forward to seeing you at the polls on the 23rd and hearing your input on this issue and many others throughout my campaign.

Kelley Racicot


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