Don Ball

(candidate for Latah County Commissioner, district 1)

1. Latah County law enforcement officers earn significantly less than their counterparts in the city of Moscow. For example, the hourly wage for a patrol deputy at the sheriff’s office with 10 years of Service is $17.36, while the hourly wage for a patrol officer at Moscow with 3 years of service is $20.04. Do you want to eliminate that pay differential, and if so, how would you plan to do that?
It would be nice to eliminate the difference between the city and the county. However, there may be additional benefits that make employment with the county as desirable as working for the city. It doesn’t appear the county is losing officers to the city at a rapid pace. The county will continue to give wage increases to employees when possible.

2. Do you believe that a vocal minority of residents too frequently get their way over the wishes of a less political majority? What are your thoughts and feelings on this?
No. Elections are decided by the majority of voters. If the majority of residents don’t agree with the current elected officials they can be replaced in the next election.

3. Do you suggest that voters approve Idaho Proposition 2 (the proposition that requires taxpayers to pay compensation to landowners if land use rules affect their property)?
No. For the people that are dissatisfied with the current land use policies of the state, county, and city, this will be more of the same. Any change in the policies will result in someone perceiving they have been financially harmed and can sue for damages. Oregon passed a similar law and currently there is more than 4 billion dollars in pending litigation. The Imminent Domain portion of Proposition 2 has been adequately addressed in the Legislature

4. Do you support or oppose a county ordinance to limit the amount of light from rural yard lights? Why?
I am opposed to the light ordinance. After listening to the residents that live in the county that testified during the hearing it became clear that the proposal was not well received. Most of the rural residents that I have visited with want their yard lights for safety and security. Recommending the use of shields is not a bad option. Enforcement of such an ordinance would be done on a complaint basis and require additional staff which would cost additional tax dollars for the benefit of a few.

5. What kinds of economic development should be encouraged and what kinds discouraged in Latah County? Please respond using examples like the proposed Naylor Farms mining operation and the proposed Eid Road dairy.
I don’t have any parameters on what is good or bad economic development. We should look at each opportunity as they become available. Latah County is very rich in natural resources we should add value to those resources before they are shipped out or the county, particularly agriculture and forestry products. Latah County Land Use Ordinance will help determine what is permissible and what is not.

Pro-Tech Packaging is a good example of a business that was not well received in the area. There was a large amount of opposition to the rezone which the County Commissioners did approve. Since that time the business changed its name to D-8 and has become a welcome addition to the community. From that experience I will not discount any possible opportunity. As for the Naylor Farms the hearing starts after these comments are due.

6. Please list your campaign websites, email address, and phone numbers, and add any biographical information or position statements you wish.
I have been a lifelong resident of the Potlatch area. I graduated from Potlatch High School and attended North Idaho College. After working in the sawmills for a few years I farmed with my family for over 25 years. I currently am part owner and Broker of Hatter Creek Land Company in Moscow. My wife (Toni) and I still live on the family farm.

I have served on numerous Board of Directors such as Latah County Grain Growers, Idaho Grain Producers, Wheat Marketing Center, US Wheat Associates, Palouse Grange Supply, Potlatch Lions Club, Grace Lutheran Church and a few more. I was also appointed by the Governor to the Idaho Wheat Commission.



Home Phone: 208-875-0665

Cell Phone: 208-892-3369

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