Larry Grant

(candidate for US Representative)

1. What are the most important issues facing our nation today? Do you believe that addressing flag-burning or abortion, for example, is more important than addressing drug abuse or health care?
I believe there are three overriding problems that we must solve before we can get on with most other issues. These are spending, corruption and bureaucratic failure. Congress is on a spending spree like no other in history. We need to get back to pay-as-you-go government and balance the budget. We have had too many public officials guilty of bribery and other misconduct, yet Congress is doing nothing about it. And, finally, we spent a lot of money and time, reorganizing the federal bureaucracy only to turn FEMA into one of the most inept governmental agencies of all time. Congress has failed in its oversight role. Beyond these, I would say the next major issues we need to address are the Iraq war and health care.

2. Do you support Idaho House Joint Resolution 2 (a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Idaho) and suggest that Idaho voters approve it?

3. Do you support a commitment to embryonic stem-cell research? Why or why not?
I support stem-cell research. All we are doing by banning it is allowing other countries to get way beyond us in research in the area. I believe we need not only to stay in the forefront of such research but also that it will result in tremendous benefits to those who need it.

4. Does the Patriot Act, as amended, go too far or not far enough, in giving our government adequate power and ability to fight terrorism? Explain what changes, if any, you would make and why.
I am very concerned about the abuse of governmental power under the guise of fighting terrorism. There is very little in the Patriot Act that was not available before by one means or another. For example, the government already had the power to delay obtaining a warrant in following suspected terrorist activities. So, I would certainly not expand the Patriot Act beyond its current provisions.

5. Do you suggest that Idaho voters approve Proposition 2 (the proposal that requires taxpayers to pay compensation to landowners if land use rules affect their property)?
No. I agree that the part of Proposition 2 that prohibits the condemnation of private property for a private use is appropriate. However, that part that provides for compensation if land use rules affect their property will not only stifle development, the end result will be to actually depress values. The reason is that every community will simply freeze their current regulations and not allow any development because someone will be able to complain that whatever they do affects the value of their property.

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