1. Latah County law enforcement officers earn significantly less than their counterparts in the city of Moscow. For example, the hourly wage for a patrol deputy at the sheriff’s office with 10 years of Service is $17.36, while the hourly wage for a patrol officer at Moscow with 3 years of service is $20.04. Do you want to eliminate that pay differential, and if so, how would you plan to do that?

2. Do you believe that a vocal minority of residents too frequently get their way over the wishes of a less political majority? What are your thoughts and feelings on this?

3. Do you suggest that voters approve Idaho Proposition 2 (the proposition that requires taxpayers to pay compensation to landowners if land use rules affect their property)?

4. Do you support or oppose a county ordinance to limit the amount of light from rural yard lights? Why?

5. What kinds of economic development should be encouraged and what kinds discouraged in Latah County? Please respond using examples like the proposed Naylor Farms mining operation and the proposed Eid Road dairy.

6. Please list your campaign websites, email address, and phone numbers, and add any biographical information or position statements you wish.