1. The Latah County Sheriff is responsible for the operation of the county’s largest office with 50 employees in enforcement and jail functions. What training and experience do you have to successfully manage this department, including the budget, risk management, human resources, and communications responsibilities?

2. What is the level of employee morale now at the Latah County Sheriff’s Department? How is job satisfaction among departmental employees now measured and evaluated? What changes could be made to improve morale?

3. What should be the relationship between the Latah County Sheriff’s Department and other nearby law enforcement agencies? What changes, if any, would you want to implement in interagency relations?

4. Please compare the success of the Latah County Sheriff’s Department in solving crimes in comparison with other nearby jurisdictions.

5. How do you plan to use email, websites, or any other communication tools to inform county residents about department programs or to gather input from those residents?

6. Please include biographical information about yourself, email, phone, or website contact information, and any other message you want to share with county voters.