1. Do you believe the bequest from the Hamilton estate was spent wisely in the construction and maintenance of the new gym? If not, why not-and how would you avoid a similar problem in the future?

2. As a Council member, what would be your questions, concerns and requirements if you were asked to vote for a zoning variance that would allow a large business (employing 100 workers) to be built on the outskirts of Moscow? Use that example to define your vision of economic growth for Moscow.

3. Are you concerned with the continuing depletion of the Grand Ronde aquifer, and if you are, what specific steps would you want the city to take to conserve that water source?

4. Should Moscow encourage, and begin planning now for, the creation of a new route for Highway 95 that bypasses the city?

5. As a Council member, how would you use e-mail, web sites, or any other communication tools to inform Moscow residents about city programs or to gather input from those residents?

6. Biographical information: