Mel Wilks

(candidate for 2002 Latah County Commissioner, district 2)

1. Do you support the completion of the Latah Trail?
I believe there is a lot of questions to be addressed before the trail can be completed

2. What is the county's appropriate role at the Latah Health Center?
not having been involved in the Latah Health Center this is one thing I have to learn about, and get all the details before I can reply to this.

3. How can the county solve the problem of the shortage of space for county
As far as the County's Office shortage is something we will have to live with, if for no other reason than there is no money at this time, and as far as using or sharing space with other agencies I don't know what is or isn't available at this time.

4. Should Moscow's area of impact be expanded or contracted? What is the best way to balance preserving farmland with the demand for rural homesites?
Moscow's impact should be tabled for now because of the new Highway questions and there is a lot of people that live out side of this area that had to buy more acres than wanted a few years ago to build there house, what are we going to do for them?

Farmland and Home sites will always be a problem people want to move to the Country, But once they get there they want it to be just like the City no dust no smell no spray. what every they was leaving they want back. It's kind of like Camping, it's good for a weekend, Then we what all our convenience back on Monday

5. Is it important to you to connect with voters (answer questions and receive input) via email? Do you plan to subscribe to Moscow Vision 2020 if elected? Do you plan to post messages to Moscow Vision 2020 if elected?
I want to hear from the Voters They are the ones putting Wilks in Office so tell me what they think needs worked on, and lets get to work. There is always two sides to a story. Let me hear both.
I didn't know of Moscow Vision 2020 until you emailed me so I will have to take a look at it where do I get a copy?

6. What book(s) are you now reading?
Winter is my time for Reading I enjoy reading about rocks & Gems, Like a good Western,

7. Add your email address and any biographical information you wish.
Seving on School Board,City Council and many community organizations has given Mel the experience and knowledge to work with people to get the job done. That will be in the best interest of the people and the county. Mel believes in looking at all sides of the project before making a decision. After all it is the people of the County, that put their trust in Mel, and put Mel in Office.

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