John Arno

(candidate for 2002 Latah County Commissioner, district 1)

1. Do you support the completion of the Latah Trail?
It's hard to support the latah trail because of the petition that was put in record by the latah county commissioners, for the latah trail. There were only 14 votes from dist. 1 that were on the petition!
I dont think that the petition was evenly divided throughout latah county. For the lack of signatures in my dist., 1, it seems like there is a very large conflict of interest in the present latah county commisioner. The latah trail was not put through planning and zoning, therefore, I think they violated the property owners rights.
For the problems that latah county has, I think we should be spending latah county taxpayer's money to better use.

2. What is the county's appropriate role at the Latah Health Center?
The Health Center is latah county taxpayer's property, therefore, all three county commisioners should be on the board of the latah county health services. The contract with latah county health services does not have a maintenance agreement in the contract. Therefore, there is no one party responsible for the upkeep of the building, and the grounds. It is a shame that the present latah county commisioners, over the last eight years, have let the place fall into disrepair and have spent the money elsewhere.

3. How can the county solve the problem of the shortage of space for county
The latah county courthouse does not have any room for expansion. The offices of auditor, taxcollector, recorders office, planning and zoning need to be moved to a bigger, and more convenient site. Buying residential property for parking, in Moscow, is absolutely insane! Sharing government space with other local government is a slap in the face to the latah county taxpayer. They deserve better, because they have paid for it!

4. Should Moscow's area of impact be expanded or contracted? What is the best way to balance preserving farmland with the demand for rural homesites?
4.Every city in latah county has an impact area. This is controlled by the city council, and their city planning and zoning. Then, and only then, do the county commisioners review their expansion or contraction of the impact area. I would have an open mind and completely review the facts for all the people.

5. Is it important to you to connect with voters (answer questions and receive input) via email? Do you plan to subscribe to Moscow Vision 2020 if elected? Do you plan to post messages to Moscow Vision 2020 if elected?
I believe that it is imperative to maintain a positive connection with the people that you work for. That is why I, if elected as county commisioner of dist. one, will make voter concerns my top priority. Without them, there is no county commisioner! I will definitely subscribe to Moscow Vision 2020, if elected.
However, I might need to borrow a couple of bucks out of the latah county trail fund...

6. What book(s) are you now reading?
The Holy Bible. Always have, always will.
Clearwater Rurallite. Some Jack Kerouac, and some J.D. Salinger.

7. Add your email address and any biographical information you wish.
Born in Moscow, Id in 1950
worked in the logging industry 37 years
Owner/Operator of a Trucking Company and Rental Service.
Reside on a small farm outside of Potlatch, Id.
Family has been in latah county since 1934.
I Love Kellogs Cornflakes.

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