Tom S. Stroschein

(candidate for 2002 Latah County Commissioner, district 2)

1. Do you support the completion of the Latah Trail?
I support completion of the Latah Trail using funding from private donations and grants so long as a compatible land use plan has been agreed upon by adjoining property owners. I compliment the Latah Trail Foundation for their efforts in moving forward on this project.

2. What is the county's appropriate role at the Latah Health Center?
Explicitly, Latah County has the direct long-term responsibility of maintaining the Latah Health Services, Inc. building and grounds. Implicitly, we as citizens have the direct long-term responsibility of caring for our seniors. We are fortunate in this community to have a choice between a private or public facility. This is healthy competition.

3. How can the county solve the problem of the shortage of space for county
Latah County needs more space for some agencies. Without in-depth research on this matter, it seems to me that the sheriff, treasurer, assessor, and judicial need to be in the court house. However, as additional space is needed, some agencies could possibly use rented space or shared space with other local or governmental agencies. I'm open to ideas on this. Studies indicate that a long-term rental contract for government office space is substantially less costly than building.

4. Should Moscow's area of impact be expanded or contracted? What is the best way to balance preserving farmland with the demand for rural homesites?
The "Impact Area" agreement between Latah County and the City of Moscow needs to be updated. Because of the growth within the Moscow area the past several years, and a recent court decision, the county needs to play a more active part in working with the city in determining what areas are affected by city growth. The city should have direct input in the final decisions that affect the services and development within those areas. I need to learn more about the substance of the court decision and how it affects the overseeing authority of the "Impact Area."

5. Is it important to you to connect with voters (answer questions and receive input) via email? Do you plan to subscribe to Moscow Vision 2020 if elected? Do you plan to post messages to Moscow Vision 2020 if elected?
I welcome email on any issue from individual residents of Latah County. I presently subscribe to Vision 2020, and if elected will continue to monitor this site and respond when appropriate. However, as Latah County Commissioner, I need to be connected to 34,476 folks, so I will maximize resources that reach the greatest amount of people with the time available. It should be noted that Latah County Board of Commissioners agenda and minutes are available to everyone via the web.

6. What book(s) are you now reading?
I am reading The End of Agriculture in the American Portfolio by Steven Blank.

7. Add your email address and any biographical information you wish.
My email is- . I have been an Idaho resident all of my life. I am a graduate of the University of Idaho, a charter member of FarmHouse Fraternity, and am currently Idaho FarmHouse Association President. I am married to Ruby, owner of Gem Valley Appraisal Service. We have 5 children and a 3-year old granddaughter. I am presently employed part time by the U of I College of Agricultural and Life Sciences as a coordinator on a 2-year pilot project funded by a grant from the Dept. of Labor called Alternative Careers for Idaho Farmers (ACIF). Ruby teaches the Ag Appraisal class at U of I, and she and our daughter Sarah are in the Ag Econ masters program.

Note: These are answers to Mosocw Vision 2020's specific questions. I have additional issues and goals I am focusing on. You can review these by picking up a copy of my brochure at the Democratic Headquarters located at 114 East 3rd Street, Moscow, ID or emailing me with your address.

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