Herman Adona

(candidate for 2005 Mayor)

1. Moscow’s police officers recently approached the city with a request to form a union. The city refused. Was that the right choice – why or why not? What should the city do now?
I am not completely familiar with the inner workings of the Moscow Police Department, such as: employee dispute resolution, working environment, or police officer moral. However, if there is a need for a union to resolve employees disputes with management then a union should be formed. The city did make the right choice by not allowing a union at this time because the costs of allowing a union out weigh the benefits gained. As mayor I will ensure the officers are paid appropriately and I will continue to listen and resolve the issues officers’ that are raised.

2. Which schools, if any, (K-12, colleges/universities, commercial schools) should Moscow's zoning code allow downtown in the central business district, and under what conditions, if any? Explain why.
I agree with the city code as it is currently written; No schools should be allowed to operate in the CBD. Why, because the schools operating in the PRIME business location is taking away from the possible revenue gained by the property taxes generated from an operating business. Increasing the tax base should translate into a greater sharing of the tax burden. Furthermore, the CBD needs to be reclassified because the area south of the Hwy 8 couplet should not be included in the CBD. As a matter of opinion, if the code was applied as written then this would not be an issue because the code does not specify the operation of schools in the CBD.

3. Please list the changes in city regulations or policy, if any, that you favor to lessen the depletion of our aquifer: for example, a stronger tiered rate structure, required use of treated effluent water for irrigation in parks, required installation of water-conserving designs in new structures, limitations on building permits, or any other changes?
I support the implementation of conservation devices, a tiered system of payment for water usage, and an education program enforcing the importance of conservation. Furthermore, I would change the allowable time of watering lawns from 6pm to 10 am to 7pm to 7am. Usage of effluent for irrigation raises a health concern and I would charge more for, not limit, building permits. In a great city like ours, development and city growth is inevitable but we can control it by the fees and taxes that are paid by the developer.

4. Should a bridge be built over Paradise Creek to connect Third Street between Hayes and Mountainview Road? If no, why not? If yes, should that bridge be built for use only by bicycles and pedestrians or should the bridge be designed for motor vehicles? Are there ways to improve the city’s approach to planning and maintaining our transportation needs?
The only bridge that should be built across Paradise Creek at Third Street should be for pedestrians and bicyclists. By increasing the traffic on Third Street with the building of a bridge would only increase the danger for our kids walking to school, cause traffic congestion that the intersection of Hayes and 3rd and increase the bottleneck of traffic downtown. The ways that I would improve city planning for our transportation needs is to have a long range approach. By planning now for our future transportation needs would alleviate the contention that is generated by intruding in already established neighborhoods.

5. What are your views about the proposed city ballfields on Palouse River Drive? To ensure that neighborhood parks are created in new subdivisions, should development of dedicated parkland there occur simultaneously with the initial development of the subdivision? Are there ways to improve the city’s approach to planning and maintaining city parks?
I support the development of a ball field complex. However, there does not need to be a sound system or as much parking/seating as currently proposed. Yes, I support the creation of ‘green space’ within the initial development and planning of subdivisions. The development of the long range plan (I hope there are planning goals at city hall) that is generated by many voices has to include the notation of proposed future parks so that citizens will know where and for what purpose the city has for the new parks.

6. Please include biographical information about yourself and any other message or contact information you want to share with Moscow voters.
I am currently a stay-at-home father while my wife completes her degree at the University of Idaho. I have lived in Moscow for 10 years and have 4 children that attend Lena Whitmore School. Previous to me staying at home, I worked for the Idaho Research Foundation which is the technology transfer agent (IP manager) for the University of Idaho. I also taught school at Caldwell High School in Southern Idaho.and worked at the Kibbie Dome on the UI campus.

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