Jack Nelson

(candidate for 2004 Latah County Commissioner, district 3)

1. The Latah County Commissioners are responsible for the operation of Latah County and management of its employees. What training and experience do you have to successfully manage this county government, including the budget, risk management, human resources, and communications responsibilities?
* B. S. degree in Ag Economics from the University of Idaho. * 15 years working in banking and financial management industries as loan officer and management. I feel this employment gave me great exposure to risk management issues as well as human behavior and financial budgets.
* 27 years self-employed farmer.
* Served on several boards including local school board, co-op boards and commodity associations. Served as chairman and other positions on these boards.
* Last, but not least, I have served the past 3 1/2 years as Latah County Commissioner which has been a great learning experience.

2. Should the Commissioners do more to help complete the Latah Trail? If so, what?
Yes. I am committed to completing the Latah Trail, when joined with the Chipman Trail will be a great community asset. I will work to fund this project through private donations and Idaho Department of Transportation Enhancement grants - not by taxpayer's money.

3. Rural businesses may require a Conditional Use Permit to operate, and the decision to grant that permit is often made by the Commissioners. If rural neighbors object to the business, how would you decide whether or not to grant the permit? What are the important criteria for you and how do you balance the rights of the business and the neighbors?
In granting a condition use permit, I look at the following questions:
#1 Is the proposed use consistent with the goal and policies of the Latah County comprehensive plan.
#2 That the proposed use is not detrimental to the health and safety of those in the surrounding area or region.
#3 That the proposed use will not adversely affect surrounding properties to any greater extent then would a permitted use in the subject zone.
#4 The proposed use will not require facilities or services with excessive cost to the public.
I feel the most important of these requirements is #3.

4. In July, Commissioner Paul Kimmell excused himself from the decision-making regarding the setting of property tax exemptions for Christ Church and New St. Andrews College, since he had worked as a real estate consultant for the church, was a church member, and was a member of the college advisory board. Do you have any similar ties to local organizations that would lead you to excuse yourself for a similar conflict of interest if that organization sought a property tax exemption?
Yes. I am a member of the Troy Lutheran Church. I am also a member of the Troy Lions Club which owns property that is tax exempt.

5. How do you plan to use email, websites, or any other communication tools to inform residents about county programs or to gather input from those residents? Please include biographical information about yourself, email, phone, or website contact information, and any other message you want to share with county voters.
We continuously update and add new information to our county web page located at We now have nearly 700 pages of information and will keep adding more information as we identify a need or based on suggestions. One of the most used features of our web site is the posting of BOCC agenda and proceedings with a public e-mail notification service. I enjoy and want to hear from residents of Latah County of any concerns or question they have about county government through any means of communication.

6. Please include biographical information about yourself, email, phone, or website contact information, and any other message you want to share with Moscow voters.
*Born in Latah County. Lived in Latah County 54 years.
*Graduated from Troy High School.
*Graduated from U of I.
*Worked in finances for 15 years in Alaska, California, Washington and Idaho.
*Self-employed farmer in Latah County for 27 years.
*Served past 3 1/2 years as Latah County Commissioner.
*Married to wife, LaRita, for 48 years.
*3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Latah County Commissioner for the last three and a-half years. It's been a great experience that I take seriously. I bring knowledge, integrity and common-sense leadership to the role of County Commissioner and would appreciate your vote so I can continue to work for the residents of Latah County.

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