Brett Jasper

(candidate for 2003 Moscow City Council (4 year seat))

1. Do you believe the bequest from the Hamilton estate was spent wisely in the construction and maintenance of the new gym? If not, why notóand how would you avoid a similar problem in the future?
No. I donít think the facility is the best way for Moscow children to enjoy these recourses. It seems like it will not be utilized much by the children. More time could be spent on money spending decisions to allow more options and to get the real heartbeat of the local kids and parents desires.

2. As a Council member, what would be your questions, concerns, and requirements if you were asked to vote for a zoning variance that would allow a large business (employing 100 workers) to be built on the outskirts of Moscow? Use that example to define your vision of economic growth for Moscow.
Yes. Conserns would be as follows: What is your environmental impact? Is you company moral and ethical? Will your company employ locally? Will your company spend locally? Who will traffic be affected. Is the new company replacing an established business? I would encourage large business to locate in Moscow. With a few 100 plus companies there would be a stabilizing effect to local small business.

3. Are you concerned with the continuing depletion of the Grande Ronde aquifer, and if you are, what specific steps would you want the city to take to conserve that water source?
Yes. I would take steps to stop aquifer depletion, by approaching the biggest users first and reanalyzing policies. I have heard other Aquifers have been found to complement water recourses. My question, why do we need new aquifers

4. Should Moscow encourage, and begin planning now for, the creation of a new route for Highway 95 that bypasses the city?
No. The entire project is shut down until a four year environmental impact study is completed. The farthest I would like to see the Highway move would be to Mountain View Road.

5. As a Council member, how would you use email, websites, or any other communication tools to inform Moscow residents about city programs or to gather input from those residents?
I plan to have a web page soon. City Council should have a post page where people can post comments and opinions.

6. Please include biographical information about yourself and any other message or contact information you want to share with Moscow voters.
Idaho native, Moscow resident since 1884, operated businesses in Moscow for years, Former president of The Moscow downtown Association, currently operating a delivery business called 883-GET I and am available at that number. Call and tell me what you need and Iíll get it for a fee. Give me a challenge.

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