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Outlaw Men Wearing Pink Dresses At City Park

EEVans, et. al.

I am saying the ordinance banning topless women and not men IS
objectively wrong for several reasons.  I am saying the simple act of a 
women being topless in public is NOT objectively wrong.  I think the new 
nudity ordinance is just as silly an overreaching of government power as an 
ordinance that would ban men wearing pink dresses at the city park.  Think 
of the traffic hazards from distracted drivers, the children confused over 
what is proper gender defined fashion, the breakdown of the image of the 
male macho ego if we tolerate such effeminate expression!  A few men might 
mistake these men wearing pink dresses as women and find them attractive!  
What horrors!


>>Subject: Re: Objective standards: Enjoy The Beautiful Summer Weather!
>>Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 16:15:09 GMT
>> > EEvans:
>> >
>> > Do you approve of the nudity ordinance just passed by the Moscow city
>> > council?  If so, do you think it involves legislating culturally
>> > norms?  Why or why not?  You responded to the statement I made in a 
>> > vision2020 that the new Moscow nudity ordinance was just legislating
>> > culturally relative norms.  Now you ask why should anyone listen to my
>> > reasons?   You are listening enough to reply, so why don't you answer
>> > question?
>> >
>>See below.
>> > You are merely making abstract philosophically based objections to the
>> > logical difficulties ANYONE will have (including you!) who tries to
>> > their ethics are correct and someone else's differing ethics are false.
>> >
>> > I never stated I think it impossible to have objective standards across
>> > times and cultures.  I merely pointed out that with SOME cultural 
>> > good case can be made that they are relative and subjective.  You don't
>> > think there are objective standards across all cultures and times that
>> > command whether women wear pink or blue dresses, or whether men wear
>>pink or
>> > blue shirts, or do you?  I think the issue of topless women is like
>> > examples.  It is a culturally relative norm,
>>What you're saying is our law which allows men, and not women, to go
>>topless is
>>not *objectively* wrong.
>> > and yes, I do disagree with
>> > people who think the ordinance does not have inconsistencies.  What
>>makes me
>> > right and others wrong?  If you would explain why my logic is incorrect
>> > this issue, we could have a debate on this matter.  Perhaps I AM WRONG!
>>I don't understand why you want to debate about it. If I read you
>>you think arguing about toplessness is like arguing blue vs. pink dresses.
>>don't want to be inflamitory, so forgive me if it comes off that way. Why
>>you want to debate about something which you think is subjective? On an
>>where there is no right or wrong, why do you argue that you are right and
>>are wrong? And to answer your question above, why should I get involved in
>>Thanks for continuing this discussion.
>>-Ed Evans
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