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Re: clarification on leave numbers given by the district

Walter and other Visionaries:
The math is unassailable with regard to teachers, but 
accurate conclusions may be harder to come by.  Five 
teachers used 420 days on maternity leave.  There were a 
number of long term illnesses, which means that a small 
number of teachers used a large number of days (I don't 
currently have exact data).  If we back those numbers 
out, the "average" will go down significantly.  However, if 
we are looking at the direct impact on children, we should 
also reduce the denominator (total teachers) by the 
number of teachers who do not have a classroom--about 
12.  That will cause an increase in the average.  The 12 
who do not have regular classrooms include district-wide 
positions (Teacher on Special Assignment, Curriculum 
Director, et. al.) and other specialists (psychologists, 
special education, English as a Second Language, 
gifted/talented coordinators, technology).

As to "administrators and others", the average is incorrect 
because the denominator of 121 FTE is not correct.  There 
are 12.5 or 13 administrators plus a business manager 
(who should be counted as an administrator in my 
opinion).  The "others" refers not to all other employees, 
because employees who are less than .5 FTE do not 
receive "benefits" and therefore are not entitled to leave.  
I don't have an exact number, but it is probably in the 
range of 80-100 FTE, so the average would be in the range 
of 7-9 days.  

Again, even when we get to a point of agreement on a 
meaningful "average," there remain the questions what 
does it mean? and what should we do with it?

Mike Curley

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So, if my math is correct, teachers as a group took an
average of 20 days each last year of sick and other leave
and administrators and others took an average of 6 days

(3562 days /180 FTE and 694 days /121 FTE)

Walter Steed

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