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Moscow High School and the Moscow Post Office

Greetings, Visionaires, Vandals, and CQE'rs -

Today I received three photos donated by Phil Cooper.

They are: - An old postcard photo of
the Moscow Post Office.  It is believed that this photo was taken around
1930.  However, neither Phil nor I are certain of this.  Does anybody have
any better estimations? - An old postcard drawing of Moscow
High School (postmarked 1909). - Another old postcard photo of
Moscow High School (postmarked 1943).

If any of you fine people are descendants of alumni, or may have known
somebody, who attended the University of Idaho during 1907, I would enjoy
hearing from you as it looks as though I will be getting the 1907 UI
yearbook on Thrusday or Friday.  The 1907 yearbook is configured in a
landscape format (wider than it is tall) on less fibrous paper.  This will
make it far easier to scan than the 1913 yearbook was.

Until then, take care and . . .


Tom Hansen
(Idaho, Class of '96)

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.

- Author Unknown

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