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RE: Moscow and U of I climate

You will find the response you're looking for here:

I think Hoover was waiting to obtain all of the facts before putting forth
his public response - as it seems he was getting new information regularly.

Shawn Clabough

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From: Art Bettge
To: vision
Sent: 4/12/02 8:04 AM
Subject: Moscow and U of I climate

In the past couple of days, we have learned of an ugly incident at the
University of Idaho wherein a group of student government senators used
their privileges and access to steal, in the middle of the night, the
flag belonging to the Gay/Straight Alliance from student government
offices.  The perpetrators then tried to burn the flag, eventually
disposing of the remains in a dumpster when it wouldn't ignite properly.

On the surface, this incident is disturbing enough, with student leaders
betraying the trust of their position.  What I find even more disturbing
is the silence from the upper echelons of the University.  Where is the
response from President Hoover?

The University officially espouses diversity, equality and tolerance.
But when an incident such as this occurs, lack of response (much less
strong response) from the President of the University essentially
condones the act.  This establishes an atmosphere for future bigotry.
Not only against gays on campus and in the city of Moscow, but against
people of color, Muslims and other minorities.

Since the three individuals who committed the deed have confessed to
their actions, there should be no time wasted by President Hoover in
STRONGLY condemning the students involved, their deeds and their
bigotry.  To do less is providing license for further acts.

As for the ex-senators, I suggest that they be required to perform a
type of community service that would educate them to a greater extent
about gay people and the reason that their crime is perceived as being
so serious.  

Earlier this spring, the "Matthew Sheppard Story" was performed on
campus.  These three individuals should have gone to see it.

Art Bettge

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