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school levy


Gerry Weitz has paid $85 to have his bias about the Moscow schools included 
in the April chamber newsletter.  As he is so inclined to do, he times this 
thrust so that no reply can be arranged in another chamber publication prior 
to the vote on the levy.

He compares Pullman's schools to Moscow's.  In his view, as we have seen, 
Moscow comes up short.  I would certainly not argue that the Moscow schools 
are perfect.  On the other hand, the two communities and their states are 
different, and those differences will be reflected in the schools.

I am convinced that for the sake of this community and its children, we need 
to support this levy.  It is ridiculous to argue that we must withhold the 
funds until the schools improve.  Especially given what the state legislature 
has done this session, the consequences will be terrible if the levy fails.  
I hope nobody doubts that the effects of hard times in public schools and 
higher education will be felt by our businesses as well.

What a shame that an individual with so much ability as Weitz has such 
capacity to be destructive.  Let's vote for the schools and our kids.  Then, 
let's be sure we move in a direction that reflects our values.

Shirley Ringo

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