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Re: Three answers ...Community Resources for Families

The present situation makes little sense. On a further subject: Our office  has chosen through the years to deal with the medicaid folks by simply doing the needed work. Presently, it is to the place that we can not do it all and at levels of care that were partially funded in the past.    Jan. and Feb. patient visits on medicaid were 225 at our facility. 

 Presently the Moscow Community of Dentists is having meetings on this subject.  It is not only the kids but the adult folks such as the disabled, and Nursing home folks that have caused our buttons to be pushed.   Some of the ideas are to allow our group to capitate the services.  We would have to ask the legislature do draw up "good Samaritan" coverage/laws for the provider.  Allow me to explain.  If the benefits and restrictions on practicing under medicaid rules and regs cause practicing  below the prevailing standard of care, we as practitioners are held in malpractice.  Our insurance carrier tell us that the Medicaid patient is the most likely group to litiagate.  Hence the question is what is dental health and at what level of care can it be practiced?  Some day, this basic question will have to be answered for the whole of the medical profession..  Thanks for reading this, Jerry

At 04:15 AM 04/02/2002 -0800, Jennifer Swanberg wrote:
<<The most significant was Home and Family, accounting for 49% of the affect .>>
And yet we are also permitting the Community Resources for Families Program to be gutted statewide and entirely eliminated in the Moscow School District next year (even while Troy and Whitepine School Districts are able to locate funds for those services).
Cooperatively with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, this school-based program helped to stabilize families in crisis, improving the health and well being, safety and school readiness of young children at greatest risk of school failure.
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